New and Second-Hand Money Reform Book Sale

    Please note that while we sell these books, pamphlets and journals, we do not necessarily subscribe to everything in these volumes, any more than any bookseller may subscribe to everything which is sold. We do believe, however, that there is material of interest to our readers in all these volumes.

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    – The Monopoly of Credit by C.H. Douglas (4th edition reprint 1979 – perfect condition) £5


    Monetary Reform – Making it Happen! by James Robertson and John Bunzl (paperback) £5

    It’s the Economy – so, what? A discourse on Debt and Democracy by Ron Andrews (self published, paperback) £3


    What you don’t know about Third World Debt by Kieron McFadden (40 pages, 2001) £2


    Please note that Prosperity is not a “social credit” organisation, nor do we necessarily subscribe to social credit doctrine. We do believe, however, that some of this material will be of interest to people who are studying the field of monetary reform. All of this material is aged, but in good condition. It would be regarded generally as “second hand”.

    Pamphlets by C.H. Douglas (sold individually, or all 7 items for £12 – saving of £3)

    – The Policy of a Philosophy (20 pages) £3

    – The Breakdown of the Employment System (12 pages) £2

    – Security: Institutional and Personal (small pamphlet, 12 pages) £2

    – Reconstruction (small pamphlet, 14 pages) £2

    – The Realistic Position of the Church of England (small pamphlet, 14 pages) £2

    – The Approach to Reality (28 pages) £2

    – Realistic Constitutionalism (small pamphlet, 12 pages) £2

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