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    Prosperity Back Issues

    Prosperity Back Issues: All Back Issues are still available but only as a Complete Set. Most issues are 4 pages, and some are 8 pages.

    The final edition of Prosperity was published in October 2013. The following is the Complete Set!

    Year 2000, issues 1-12 are £15
    Year 2001, issues 13-24 are £15
    Year 2002, issues 25-36 are £15
    Year 2003, issues 37-48 are £15
    Year 2004, issues 49-60 are £15
    Year 2005, issues 61-72 are £15
    Year 2006, issues 73-74, are £5
    Year 2007, issues 75-78, are £10
    Year 2008, issues 79-82, are £10
    Year 2009, issues 83-86, are £10
    Year 2010, issues 87-90, are £10
    Year 2011, issues 91-94, are £10
    Year 2012, issue 95, is £3
    Year 2013, issues 96-97, is £6

    SPECIAL OFFER – 97 issues for £97
    As a Special Offer to celebrate 14 years of publication, we’re offering a Complete Set of all 97 back issues from January 2000 to October 2013, for a huge, 37%, discount. We’re selling them at £97 instead of £154 (a saving of £57) – postage in the UK included. NOT AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDER.

    The following 2 Educational Manuals are also highly recommended if you want to understand Money Reform quickly and easily:

    A 60-page, A4-sized, proposed Money Reform Bill – the first time in 400 years that such a properly constituted, legally-drafted Bill has been created on this subject in the UK. This proposed Bill includes an Executive Summary, the entire Draft Bill, and over 160 Explanatory Notes. It is a highly valuable and comprehensive Money Reform education in itself. You can purchase it along with Clarifying our Money Reform Proposals as a set for £18 via the PayPal button below. (Includes postage in the UK. If you live outside the UK, please make payment of £25 sterling.)

    After selling out, our 40-page, A4-sized, educational manual, Clarifying our Money Reform Proposals, produced in 2006 for the Tenth Annual Bromsgrove Conference, is now back-in-print. It details the Huber/Robertson and the Rowbotham reforms in depth and answers many of the objections. Purchase it as part of a Set with the Bank of England Bill, via the button below. (Includes postage in the UK. If you live outside the UK, please make payment of £25 sterling.) This manual will save you years of reading time! Here are the Contents and the things you will learn:
    Part One – The Basics you Need to Know
    Our Attitude towards the Banking System
    What is Money?
    How Banks Create Money
    Understanding the Bank of England
    How the National Debt is Created
    Recovering our Lost Seigniorage
    Part Two – Freedom from Debt Slavery
    The Problem: A Debt-Based Money System
    The Solution: A Debt-Free Money System
    Part Three – Clarifying the Rowbotham Reform
    The Rowbotham Reform: Publicly-Created Money
    Publicly-Created Money: Considering some Effects
    Frequently Asked Questions on Publicly-Created Money
    How to Prevent Banks Expanding the Money Supply
    Part Four – Clarifying the Huber/Robertson Reform
    The Huber/Robertson Reform: Seigniorage Reform
    Seigniorage Reform: Effects on Money Supply, Inflation and Interest Rates
    Frequently Asked Questions on Seigniorage Reform
    James Robertson Answers some Questions on Seigniorage Reform
    Part Five – Miscellaneous on Money Reform
    Why Money Reform will Prevent Inflation
    The Matter of Interest
    The Democratic Imperative
    Appendix 1 – Glossary and Bibliography
    Glossary of Terms
    Appendix 2 – Contacts
    The American Monetary Institute
    The Bromsgrove Group