A Strategy for Victory

    by Kieron McFadden

    Let’s briefly take a look at the battlefield and the enemy from a
    new perspective. The world banking fraternity, operating through
    our banking system, has a mandate from the government to create
    the nations money supply and issue it as debt. Those loans are
    not pre-existing money but money created by them out of nothing,
    money which did not exist until the moment it was loaned.

    Granting privately-owned institutions the right to create our
    money as they see fit and lend it upon the security of taxation,
    homes and businesses, delivers enormous power into the hands of
    a very few men. It is easy to see that he who controls a nations
    money supply controls that nation. One could say that money does
    not exist unless bankers give permission for it to exist.
    They decide whether money will be plentiful or scarce and
    thereby whether the economy will boom, slump or crash.
    The last few hundred years of history are replete with
    examples of the power of the “banksters” to determine the
    fortunes of any nation through this mechanism.

    When one controls the money supply in this way it is easy to
    bypass democracy and the aspirations of entire peoples in order
    to influence events in the direction one desires through ones
    lending policies: making money plentiful for those one favours
    and unavailable to those one does not favour. Governments,
    burdened by unrepayable national debt and reliant
    on loans merely to keep up the interest payments on those debts
    are under slavish obligation to their creditors. The withholding
    of credit or the calling in of loans is a scenario too gruesome
    to contemplate when almost your entire money supply exists as
    and merely trying to slow down the rate of borrowing
    plunges the country into recession. Thus when “banksters”
    instruct the British government to sell its nations gold
    reserves at knock down prices to the US Federal Reserve, and
    then use the dollars created out of thin air they receive to
    “invest in the Euro”, the government does as it is told.

    With many media and publishing empires hopelessly mortgaged to
    the banks its no surprise that the issue of money creation is
    never discussed. Yet when the banking fraternity decides it
    wants Britain in the single currency, the media can be mobilised
    to disseminate “newspeak” tirelessly to that end. And if
    it ever fails in the face of the publics instinctive mistrust of
    the press, interest rates can always be used to tip the economy
    into another recession so as to confuse and demoralise us a
    little more.

    Our fight is not to “keep the pound” in the sense that we
    cannot keep something that we do not yet own! Anything that is
    borrowed is in ones possession but temporarily and by permission
    of the lender who still has the ultimate claim of ownership upon
    it. Neither should we be duped into believing that the pound is
    merely a “symbol” of our sovereignty. The significance of our
    currency is far more than symbolic. It is an essential
    ingredient of our sovereignty.

    In the EU controversy the vital point that our freedom has
    already been taken from us is obscured, which in turn obscures
    the real objective of the foe, which is not to remove our
    freedom but to simply remove it further and to take from us any
    hope of ever getting it back! We are not therefore fighting to
    avoid loss of freedom, we are fighting to achieve freedom!
    To do so we must address those factors which caused
    freedom to be lost to us in the first place the assumption by
    international financiers of the right to create and lend
    virtually our entire money supply.

    The solution is to restore to our elected government the right
    to create and spend into existence our

    Currently there are powerful influences on elected
    government forcing it to work with an inherently unworkable
    economic system, flawed at its foundation and hindering its
    ability to act freely in accordance with its mandate and in the
    best interest of its people.

    EMU is the strategy of consolidation by those money
    powers: having all peoples of Europe subject to one
    currency whose supply is controlled through a central bank in
    Germany. If this happened the power of the banking system would
    become so pervasive and so unassailable it would be hard to
    break free. When we investigate this matter of money supply, we
    suddenly find we know a great deal about the enemy far more than
    he would like us to know. We discover for instance that he is
    extremely vulnerable, now, like never before in history. The
    system is based on a carefully masked fraud the fact that
    the money the banks lend is created out of nothing.
    This is a deceit of shocking magnitude, of which the vast
    majority of people are still unaware. The one thing the
    banksters fear is broad public exposure of that fraud. The
    Internet and issues such as the euro and “dollarisation” make
    that more likely than ever before. To establish true
    sovereignty in which the people through their elected government
    are factual master of their own destiny, it is merely necessary
    to restore to government through a democractically accountable
    authority the right to create and issue the nations currency.

    For politicians to tout EMU as a solution to our economic
    problems, when those problems spring from bank created money, is
    not an answer at all and if the people come to
    understand the workings of the money system, they will see it
    that way too. When the fraud withers and dies in the harsh glare
    of public scrutiny, so does the EMU.

    Monetary reform is easier to do than to say! Governments,
    however, will not take that action because there is no demand
    for it from the electorate, without grass-roots demand,
    reform simply will not happen. And the “banksters” will
    continue to hold all the aces and will win.

    People know something is wrong about all this. We now have the
    means to tell them exactly what that wrongness is and how to put
    it right and turn that reticence into positive opposition.

    When people understand the money scam there will be a
    ground swell of demand for reform. It is hiking up our tax and
    mortgages, drastically suppressing our standard of living and
    the quality of our lives, providing degraded food that is
    damaging our health, destroying our businesses, causing our
    public services to wither on the vine, creating the endless
    instability of booms and depressions and fluctuating interest
    rates and driving us inexorably into debt slavery. Does anyone
    think we are going to tolerate that when the electorate discover
    there is an alternative?

    The monetary illiteracy of the electorate is our “money
    masters” only protection. Their greatest fear is exposure of the
    truth. The truth about our monetary system makes the case
    against EMU and for monetary reform unarguable.

    This enables us to devise a powerful, highly workable
    strategy to achieve our aims — to educate the electorate, and
    advocate the opportunities presented by democratic reform of our
    money system.

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