Bromsgrove 2001

    Alistair McConnachie reports: “Inspirational, educational and worthwhile” : that was the verdict from one of the attendees at the fifth annual Bromsgrove Conference, held between Tuesday 23rd and Thursday 25th October.

    Organiser Alistair McConnachie welcomed speakers including Boudewijn Wegerif all the way from Sweden; Canon Peter Challen; and Conall Boyle from the University of Central England, who spoke on money reform and its relation to mortgages and the housing industry.

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    Dr Mohammed Naseem, Chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque (which is the largest Mosque in the UK outwith London) spoke on the Islamic attitude towards money and socio-economic philosophy in general; David Pidcock and Ken Palmerton also presented their ideas within this field, along with an update on related developments and initiatives at home and abroad.

    Tony Vickers, Chief Executive of the Henry George Society and Bill Powell introduced the concept of Land Reform Taxation, and Malcolm Currie of Birmingham LETS scheme gave an introduction to the concept of alternative currencies.

    On Thursday, Rosamund Stock spoke on her Money Reform insights plus her desire to take the message into the world of academia through her work at the London School of Economics, and John Bunzl presented his “Simultaneous Policy” concept.

    Bromsgrove 2001 was the best attended Conference yet. Thank you to everyone who made it such a success.