Bromsgrove 2008

    The following report by Alistair McConnachie appeared in the January 2009 issue of Prosperity.

    Held at our usual residential venue, Barnes Close, from late afternoon Friday 3rd Oct to lunchtime Sunday 5th Oct 2008, the twelfth annual Bromsgrove Conference was another record breaker – the most-ever attendees, 48.


    The evening began with Organiser Alistair McConnachie describing the theme of the Conference, “We have the Answer to the Crisis”, by rehearsing the 2 principle Money Reform proposals “on the table”. These are the Huber/Robertson reform, and the Rowbotham/James Gibb Stuart reform.

    This was especially valuable for over a third of the Conference, who were first-time attendees, and it helped to put the forthcoming weekend’s activity into context.

    The Convenor of the Conference, James Gibb Stuart also made a short welcome and spoke about his hope for the “James Gibb Stuart Trust”, the registered charity which has now been established to promote its educational Objects (See Prosperity, Oct 08).

    The rest of the evening was dedicated to watching, and commenting upon, several YouTube videos, which we were able to project onto the wall, of Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who was coming out and speaking about our cause in a very forthright way – much to the satisfaction of all!


    Saturday began with Canon Peter Challen in his now customary role, beginning the main day’s events with a passionate round-up of the reforming efforts happening throughout the world.

    This was followed by Alistair McConnachie who gave a version of the speech that he had delivered at the AMI 2008 Conference (and published in Prosperity, Oct 08).

    You can purchase back issues of Alistair McConnachie’s Prosperity money reform journal here And here is a link to Alistair McConnachie’s Google Profile.

    After coffee, Carmel Butler, who has extensive experience in the financial sector, explained how “mortgage securitisation” and “derivatives” work.

    This was an impressive explanation that should, ideally – along with several other instructive talks at this Conference –have been filmed for YouTube delivery!

    Bill Davies spoke about the relevance of “100% registered money” and emphasised a point which is key to Money Reform theory – that what we call “credit” today is, in fact, “money”. He said, “Today the world is dying, literally, for a solution to monetary folly. We have one!”

    Gary Fisher, monetary innovator, spoke on his experience in trading with a virtual currency and Frank Taylor continued the theme with the idea of establishing a banking system outside of traditional banking structures – for example, via mobile phones and computers.

    Robert Corfe described his theories published in his extensive 3-volume work Social Capitalism in Theory and Practice, and academic  Simon Mouatt, used historical references to consider some wider issues of reforming the debt-based system.

    Mike Black, Charles Farrier and Barbara Ruiz then took us through a comprehensive proposal to campaign for a Royal Commission investigation into the economic system.

    This presentation enabled the Bromsgrove Conference to achieve another first – a mention on one of the official Times newspaper journalist’s blogs (John-Paul Flintoff, “Reformers call for Royal Commission on money”, Times Online,

    Malcolm Parkin ended the afternoon’s presentations with some important points on “Getting the Message Across” (see back page of this issue). After the evening meal, one of the furthest travelled attendees Don Chisholm from Ontario, spoke on wider ideas of economic change, especially related to the concept of Gaian systems. Robert Welham presented a wonderfully short and concise introduction to Money Reform which, again, really needs to be videoed and put on YouTube. Jasper Tomlinson introduced a Parliamentary Petition and the evening ended with Tracy Worcester showing a short trailer for her highly recommended new documentary “Pig Business” about the corporatisation of pig farming in Eastern Europe.


    On Sunday morning, Anne Belsey reported on her work this year with her Money Reform Party and her important work in pushing Paul Grignon’s Money as Debt film. Copies of this DVD are obtainable from her at 34 Berkeley Close, Dunkirk, ME13 9TR, 01227 751724, anne [AT] cowebo dot freeserve dot co dot uk

    Alistair McConnachie reported with photographs and the aid of the digital projector, on the AMI 2008 conference and Jamie Walton, who helped Stephen Zarlenga organise it, talked about his observations and impressions of the movement in the USA.

    Ron Rankin (pic below) spoke about his own impressions of the financial scene in New Zealand and Australia after his recent working holiday down under.

    The Conference ended with the now traditional
    “open-floor” and one of the key points to emerge is that this
    year we really need to get a lot of this stuff down on video and onto


    Special thanks are due to our long-time Convenor James
    Gibb Stuart
    , without whom the event would not occur, and also to our
    excellent Chairman Donald Martin who ensured everyone kept to
    time, everyone got a chance to say their piece and, importantly, everyone
    kept on-point! This year’s Bromsgrove Conference will be at the same
    venue and will be from late afternoon Friday 2nd Oct to lunchtime
    Sunday 4th Oct 2009